Terry Goh

Payment System Expert
International Monetary Fund

Terry Goh was appointed Senior Consultant to RHT Compliance Solutions in Dec 2017. As a former senior regulator at the Monetary Authority of Singapore for the previous 17 years, Terry was tasked with key responsibilities for the oversight, policy formulation, supervision and licensing of payments systems and bank participants, credit reporting agencies, money changers and remittance businesses. He also undertook responsibilities for the business continuity management supervision of all financial institutions.

During his MAS stint, Terry led many key transformational projects in Singapore, such as the implementation of the Payment Systems Oversight Act, Finality and Netting Act the and Credit Bureau Act. He project managed the implementation of Cheque Truncation System, the Singapore Dollar inclusion in the global Foreign Exchange Continuous Linked Settlement System, and organised large-scale Industry-Wide Business Continuity Exercises.

Before his stint at the MAS, Terry had accumulated more than 12 years of experience in Information Technology (I.T.) with major international banks. He headed the IT Department at Banco Santander branches and subsidiaries in Singapore, Tokyo, Malaysia and Australia where he was responsible for the systems development, technical infrastructure and data centre operations. He also held key positions in Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and ABN AMRO Bank where he spearheaded the rollout of the bank’s global front and middle office, risk management system in UBS East Asia, as well as the running of the Year 2000 and Euro programmes in ABN AMRO.

In addition to his professional experience, Terry is also the Singapore representative to various international standard setting bodies including the Bank of International Settltment Committee on Payment and Market Infrastructure (BIS CPMI), the CPMI-IOSCO Steering Group which is responsible for the implementation monitoring of the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructure (“PFMI”) and the Executive Meetings of East Asia Pacific Committee on Payments and Settlement Systems.

Terry attained his Master’s degree in Industrial and Information Technology from the University of Hull and has a UK BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computer Studies with Distinction.